This spring I mounted a expedition into the heart of the great open, into long stretches of dry crystal air. I found benches filled with vibrance, above the flat sweep of snow white playas. I painted while the falcon soared and chattered and the larks sang with the coyotes. I came out of desert with the squint of a man that had found brilliant color and flawless form, and a sufficiency of bone-deep joy.
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Painting on Buzzard Creek
Buzzard Creek, 48 x 24 inches, $700.00
Home of the Prairie Falcon, 48 x 24 inches, $900.00
Sage 1, 48 x 19 inches, $700.00
Big Stick Road Sunset, 48 x 24 inches, $800.00
Sage 2, 48 x 24 inches, $800.00