Soft as a kitten belly, the flowing crystal stirs and clarifies the meat and bones of soil and rock. Plants split it then coax it to power life as it is reformed in their solar factories. The sky, earth, and ocean trade it like playing cards. It stores massive energy through state transformation, and using celestial fire, it can break light into shards of pure color. When one is lucky enough to find water flowing, perhaps in the mountains, the color refracted through diamond clarity elicits a primal joy. Water is simple, clear, and on any landscape you find the heart of diverse life when you find water.
New Paintings December 2014, Footwise Art Window, Downtown Corvallis, OR
Fox Creek, 36 x 24 inches, SOLD
Opal Creek Upstream, 48 x 24 inches, $2000.00
Off Ke'e Beach, 17 x 12 inches, SOLD
Opal Creek Downstream, 32 x 24 inches, SOLD
Bruce Road Scrape, 26 x 24 inches, $900.00
Tide Pool, 29 x 24 inches, $1200.00
Santiam, 48 x 24 inches, $2000.00
Siskiyou, 24 x 22 inches, $1200.00
Santiam October, 48 x 24 inches, SOLD